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Baking for the office – carrot cupcakes


So, I’ve made carrot cupcakes before and used the same recipe.

I just thought I’d show you the cute little decorations I did when I took some into work.

I made them out of block icing which I coloured and shaped and they went down really well!

Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes


Tarte Tatin


Last night for pudding I made a tarte tatin. It was really easy and yummy.


Basically, I melted a bunch of sugar in a frying pan, added a big blob of butter and then (very carefully so I wouldn’t burn my fingers) layered thinly sliced apples in a nice pattern. Then I rolled out some puff pastry and laid it on top of the apples. You need to fold all the sides down so it’s all snug and then cut a hole in the top to let air escape.

I’m not sure how long it was in the oven but it looked all puffy and golden when it was done.


Caramel and Sesame Seed Lollipops


Quick, Simple and Scrummy

So this wasn’t actually baking but these treats for my house mates and me were so delicious and easy to make that I thought I’d share them. I just chucked some sugar into a saucepan with a little splash of water and waited for it to boil. When it had bubbled for a bit I popped in some sesame seeds. Don’t put a spoon in the caramel mix just push the saucepan around to mix it all together. When that’s done take it off the heat and spoon out dollops of the mixture onto some greaseproof paper. While they’re still hot place lollipop sticks half-way up. Leave for about 15 minutes to cool and then enjoy.

Chocolate Cake with Scrumptious Chocolate Icing


So, being a true woman, my first baking endeavour had to be a chocolate cake. Now I’m not saying I’m chocolate crazy, I don’t have to have it everyday, in fact since my recent health kick I’ve barely touched it, but sometimes you just need it.

First off I wanted to prove that baking is simple and you don’t need fancy ingredients to make a cake, so I decided to use whatever I could find in the house. Being a baking household already we did have the basic ingredients in but there were a few missing essentials.

For the cake I mixed together 120g of caster sugar and 120g of butter until it was nice and smooth and creamy. In a separate bowl I mixed up 60g of plain flour (we didn’t have self-raising) and 60g of cocoa powder, sifted and set aside. Then, bit by bit, I mixed the flour and cocoa powder into the creamy butter mix until it was all combined. Lastly I whisked in two eggs. I smeared some butter around a cake tin and popped in the oven. After it had been in for about 10 minutes I realised I’d forgotten baking powder – to make it rise – but figured the cake would taste good whatever.

Now, my oven is very temperamental so I can’t give you a specific baking time but I just kept checking it and when it looked like it was done poked it with a knife to make sure there were no raw bits. This is what it looked like:

Just Out of the Oven

Because I’d forgotten to put in the baking powder the cake hadn’t risen but it smelt nice. While it cooled down I made the icing.

I mixed together 85g of icing sugar and 85g of cocoa powder and then beat it into 85g of butter. The beating took quite a while but I was watching celebrity masterchef at the same time so just concentrated on that rather than my achey arm! When I’d finished the icing was quite thick so I added a splash of milk, gave it a good stir and popped it in the fridge.

When the cake had finished cooling I cut the cake in half like this:


Now, I’m not sure whether it’s because the mix was so heavy, or because the cake so flat, or any other reason, but when I cut it in half it crumbled a bit. Not to worry though, I used the icing to stick it all together and make it prettier!

This is what it looked like when I was done:

Chocolate Cake

So, this wasn’t a perfect cake but it tasted and looked great! My housemate Ellie loved it and kept asking if she could have another slice! It was quick to make and really really simple!