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Baking for the office – carrot cupcakes


So, I’ve made carrot cupcakes before and used the same recipe.

I just thought I’d show you the cute little decorations I did when I took some into work.

I made them out of block icing which I coloured and shaped and they went down really well!

Carrot Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcakes


Rum Baba


First off – apologies for the long absence. I’ve recently started a new job and the time has just flown by.


Last month I made rum babas from Paul Hollywood’s recipe on Great British Bake Off.

Rum Babas

Rum Babas

The recipe was quite difficult to grasp. I had to start over with the dough because I tried to kneed it with my hands and it just went everywhere.

On my second attempt, I mixed the dough with a greased wooden spoon and that worked really well.

They took quite a while to do because your have to soak them in the syrup but once they’re all ready they’re really easy to put together and make look pretty.

Rum Baba

Rum Baba

Red Velvet Cake – Valentines Day Special


As the majority of my university friends are single and my boyfriend lives in a land far, far away I thought it would be nice to keep us all loved up by baking a special Valentines Day cake. 

Naturally I logged into the BBC GoodFood website and saw that they were suggesting a four-tier red velvet chocolate cake, it look incredible, extravagant and just the ticket to acknowledge V-Day without feeling lonely and pathetic.

On Monday morning I popped out armed with my list of ingredients and a shopping bag, I wanted to be prepared for this one, the cake looked far too good to just wing it with whichever ingredients I had in the house.

45 minutes, a sore arm and nearly £15.00 later I was back at home with a cup of tea and the oven heating up.

I followed the recipe exactly except instead of using four sandwich tins I used two big cake tins, expecting to be able to cut the sponges in half when they had cooled.

I was surprised to see that the recipe needed beetroot but I went with it, having never been steered wrong by GoodFood yet.

The results were not as spectacular as I was hoping.

After the right amount of cooking time I took the cakes out, did the old knife in the sponge test (which came out clean) and I left them to cool, in the meantime making the cream cheese icing.

I let an hour or so pass and then removed the cakes from the tins which appeared to have sunk since taking them out of the oven.

I got a long serrated knife and began to cut the sponges in half, only to realise that the sponge was wet and stodgy, it were as if it hadn’t cooked at all. One bit of the sponge fell apart completely and the other sponges had holes, it was a mess.

After using all the broken bits to patch up what looked like a very poorly, broken cake I sandwiched the pieces together and covered the entire thing with icing, at last there was no evidence of the disaster, nobody would know it was mutton dressed as lamb.

The cake didn’t look as amazing as the one photographed with the recipe but, I have to say, it looked pretty impressive.


So, I took the cake over to my friends house and immediately wished I hadn’t wasted the entire day baking. Now, I’m not saying the cake was disgusting, some people liked it and some people didn’t, I’d just say if a cake is going to taste so much like beetroot it should be called beetroot cake not chocolate cake. 

The sponge was really heavy, it tasted weird and it has far too many calories in it to be worthwhile. I felt sick after a small slice just knowing how much butter was in there (500g).

Next Valentines Day I’ll be sure to sit miserably alone watching action films and hating the world.

Mini Custard Tarts (Pasteis de nata)


Last night on MasterChef the final eight were challenged to cook a dish inspired by either France, Italy or Spain. After watching the contestants battle it out I was inspired to make something a little less British.

I trawled through the BBC GoodFood website (which by now I’m sure you’re aware is my food bible), and decided on some simple looking custard tarts from Portugal. They’re called Pasteis de nata and they’re delicious, I’ve had to suggest to my house mate that she takes them into work tomorrow to save me eating all of them.

They’re certainly not the prettiest thing I’ve ever baked but they’re by far one of the easiest and tastiest.

Portuguese custard tarts (Pasteis de nata)

Originally printed in BBC magazine Olive, you can find the recipe here. I used a shop bought all butter puff pastry, as suggested, and lemon juice instead of lemon skin.


Christmas Biscotti


Being a student, money is always a bit tight around Christmas. It’s nice to give your friends and family presents but not if it’s going to get you evicted or leave you without electricity (I may be exaggerating slightly).

I know my grandparents really enjoy receiving gifts which I’ve made myself so I decided to make them some biscotti. You can add whatever you like to it and it lasts for up to a month so it’s perfect as a present.

I followed the recipe for Christmas Biscotti on the BBC Good Food website but altered it slightly with different nuts and fruits using up what I had left over from the Christmas cake and pudding!

The recipe made loads more that I needed but that was hardly an issue as they were so delicious they were easy to share around. I think my Dad actually said they were the best thing I’d ever baked!

Christmas Biscotti Gift

Carrot Cup Cakes


My very good friend Nicki requested that I make individual carrot cup cakes a la BBC Good Food.

These ones here.

So I made them and they’re really really yummy.

I decorated them with red sugar crystals and they looked like this…

Carrot Cup Cakes