Great British Bake Off – Fraisier Cake


Tonight is the final of the Great British Bake Off on BBC2 and will be my last bake for a while as I’m getting a bit of a belly on me. However, this weekend I attempted last week’s technical challenge, the French classic, Fraisier Cake, which is made up of two tricky components, a  Génoise sponge and crème pâtissière.

Fraisier Cake

The recipe was tricky, there were a lot of things to do all at once and I made a big mess. There was also a lot of waiting around, especially after the cake was all put together, I couldn’t wait to see if I’d managed it. At first it looked great and then about three seconds later it looked rubbish!

A bit of a mess

The taste was a bit dodge as well, I could really taste the cornflour in the crème pâtissière and the lemon syrup in the sponge wasn’t great along with the strawberries. On the upside, the actual sponge rose and was really light and fluffy! I was pleased that I made a Génoise sponge but I didn’t enjoy the cake and won’t be something I’d attempt again.


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