Great British Bake Off – Gingerbread men


On last week’s Great British Bake Off the bakers had to make biscuits. They started with savoury crackers, the technical challenge was chocolate tea-cakes and then finished with show stopping gingerbread constructions.

I thought an entire house would be a little over ambitious for me but, as I was helping out backstage at a local amateur production of Pirates of Penzance  I wanted to bake some treats for the cast and crew. So, I decided to bake everyone a gingerbread pirate.

Gingerbread pirate

I used the gingerbread man recipe on the BBC Food website, which was really good. I had to triple the quantities so I had enough for everyone in the theatre so that was a bit of a challenge but they all worked out well in the end. Admittedly Paul and Mary would have most likely marked me down for inconsistent baking and size, some of them were super thin and others were morbidly obese, but they all tasted great so and I’m not competing in a baking show!

I decorated them with coloured writing icing, as well as colouring royal icing, rolling it out and cutting it into trouser shapes (I’ve never seen a naked pirate.)

I made 65 of these sword wielding biscuits!


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