Great British Bake Off – Doughnuts


I know I’ve left this post super duper late and there’s another episode of Great British Bake Off on tonight so this morning, I hastily attempted Paul Hollywood’s doughnuts that the contestants made last Tuesday.

Like the contestants, I was put off slightly by the really wet consistency of the dough but I stuck with it and I have to say, I was really proud of what I achieved! I made actual doughnuts, like the ones that come in bags from the shop!

I don’t own a deep-fat fryer, but that didn’t stop me, I just heated a litre of sunflower oil very, very slowly in a big pan. I was a bit scared of the hot oil but I just took my time and it was fine. Also, for those of you, like me that don;t have a special proving draw, I discovered a fantastic trick, pop the dough on top of the boiler, nice and warm.


Strawberry jam doughnuts


Home made doughnuts are impressive and simple


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