New York – Lady M


So, last week I went to New York and went into a beautiful bakery, Lady M Confections.

Lady M Confections

Gâteau aux marrons

I had this one, it was so rich and so sweet that I couldn’t finish it but it was absolutely beautiful. The almond flavoured sponges were layered with a chestnut cream and were topped with roasted walnuts, an elegant cake I’d definitely be tempted to try. I also thought the piping of the cream was really interesting.

Strawberry shortcake

Mille crêpe

Lady M are famous for their mille crêpe cake, made by sandwiching paper thin crêpes together with a rich cream. They also make a green tea and a strawberry variations of this crêpe cake.



About bigfatbaking

Hi there, My name's Jennie, I'm an amateur baker and a journalist. I'll be attempting to bake special treats for myself, my friends and my family and I'll let you know how I do! Please feel free to send me any recipes to try out and I'll blog about how I get on.

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