Great British Bake Off – Steamed Puddings


Last week on Great British Bake Off they were making it puddings. The big challenge was strudel but that seemed a little ambitious to me, especially just after a holiday.

Instead, I decided to make pear and ginger steamed puddings. First of all I made a pear sauce by cooking pears in stem ginger syrup then blending it up until smooth.

The sponge was just a regular 6,6,6,3 recipe and I just chopped up stem ginger and mixed it into the batter.

I buttered six ramekins then spooned the pear sauce into the bottom of them, followed by the cake mix. The puddings were cooked in a bain marie in the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes and were delicious.


About bigfatbaking

Hi there, My name's Jennie, I'm an amateur baker and a journalist. I'll be attempting to bake special treats for myself, my friends and my family and I'll let you know how I do! Please feel free to send me any recipes to try out and I'll blog about how I get on.

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