Great British Bake Off – Wellington


This week on the Great British Bake Off, the competitors had to each bake a signature wellington, they could choose meat, fish or vegetable for the first task.

I made dinner for my boyfriend and parents tonight and decided to make salmon en croute for them, and for a first try it wasn’t half bad!

Salmon en croute

I found this recipe but adapted it slightly by adding my own red chilli jam which I did by just boiling red peppers, chilli and sugar. I also bought a pre-made shortcrust pastry as I was in a rush, I’m going on holiday tomorrow!

Now, I don’t like to get too confident about my food but I’m pretty sure this is the best thing I’ve ever made! It was delicious and went down really well with everyone.

The Good Food recipe was really easy to follow

That’s all for a couple of weeks as I’m going to New York, but if I see anything amazing I’ll be tweeting when I get wifi.


About bigfatbaking

Hi there, My name's Jennie, I'm an amateur baker and a journalist. I'll be attempting to bake special treats for myself, my friends and my family and I'll let you know how I do! Please feel free to send me any recipes to try out and I'll blog about how I get on.

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