Great British Bake Off – Crème Caramel


The blind test on Great British Bake Off last week was Crème Caramel, the wobbly baked custard covered in caramel sauce. When I was younger we used to buy these from the supermarket all the time, and I remember having to eat them fast as my dad was always waiting to gobble them up while our back was turned!

Having the opportunity to bake a childhood favourite is always great, there’s a lot more pressure because your memories, especially when food is involved, are often rose tinted, so I was really excited to bake Crème Caramel but also very scared something would go wrong.

Crème Caramel Recipe

Although it has quite a few steps, the recipe was really easy to follow, the important thing to remember is not to stir the caramel, not at all. The sugar will crystallise the moment it’s touched by a spoon. If it needs to be moved around, you’re best off just shimmying the pan a bit. My caramel took a long time to cook but just be patient, cook it on a low heat, the moment you crank it up you’ll lose control and the caramel will burn, yuck!

The custard looks a bit scary when it’s ready to pour as it’s so thin but it will set, I promise you!

The tips for cooking correctly are to keep checking, when they stop wobbling so much you’ll know they’re done. But also, don’t over cook them, if bubbles begin to form around the rim of the ramekin then they’re starting to go over and you’ll be left with a caramel covered omelette tasting thing.

You need to let the Crème Caramels cool for a few hours before turning them out, mine worked really well.

Crème Caramel

Good luck if you make your own, they’re easy as long as you follow the recipe, and they taste just as good as I remembered!






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