Great British Bake Off – Mary Berry’s Treacle Tart


The blind taste test on last week’s Great British Bake Off was Mary Berry’s Treacle Tart. Making pastry has always been a bit of a disaster zone in my kitchen so I was slightly terrified of giving it a go. 


Mary Berry’s Treacle Tart Recipe

The recipe was really simple to follow, and the pastry even worked well! It rolled out thinly without breaking and none of the filling leaked through when it was cooking! The lattice top was a bit tricky and I didn’t get it looking great but I gave it a good go.


Lattice topped treacle tart

No offence to Mary but, I think her recipe has got a bit too much lemon in it. I did exactly what the recipe said to do and added the zest and juice of two lemons but I think in the future I’d maybe just do the zest. It tastes delicious but it’s not got that treacle tart stickiness as there’s too much citrus coming through.


This tart is super easy to make though and I;d recommend it to anyone who’s just beginning to bake.


This tart is simple and delicious

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Cosmo Blog Awards, I won’t know how I’ve done until October but I’ll be following the bake-off every week so stay tuned!


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  1. Well done on the Treacle Tart – I tried it this weekend. Pastry was a nightmare and I only used one lemon and it was still pretty tangy!

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