Great British Bake Off – Upside-Down Cake


After watching the first episode of this year’s Great British Bake Off I decided that I should try to bake along with them, so I’ll be attempting to bake one thing a week from each episode.

This week’s episode introduced us to the contestants, their first task being their own twist on a classic upside-down cake.

As I’ve been MIA for the last month due to working at the Olympics, I decided to give my upside-down cake an Olympic twist.

Cake Recipe


To give the cake an Olympic twist I dyed five of the apple rings blue, red, black, yellow and green. Unfortunately the dye ran when the caramel was pored over the top of them so the desired result wasn’t really met.

Olympic Ring Upside-Down Cake


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  1. I literally just finishedvwatchingbthis episode, there’s so much talent ESPECIALLY this week’s star baker. She reminds me a lot of Mary-Ann (?) from last series; totally daring!
    Your take on it looks great of course!

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