Trifle Tart


Mr Kipling have recently released their Trifle Bakewell, which is like a Cherry Bakewell with with a custard flavoured icing on the top. 

Taking inspiration from them I decided to make my own Trifle Tart, basically, a custard tart but with strawberries and cream.

I bought a shortcrust pastry base, because I still haven’t managed to master pastry. I blind baked it, which didn’t really work, despite using baking beads (well, old rice!) The bottom rose and the sides shrunk back. I layered the bottom with strawberries and then topped up with an egg custard. I baked this in the oven until there was no wobble on the custard.

When I took it out of the oven it looked pretty bad, terrible actually, so I whipped the cream and then piped it over in a nice pattern. My final touch to make it trifle-esque was to grate over some chocolate. Here’s the end result.


So, it looked pretty terrible. And when it came to eating it, the whole thing just fell apart. Despite the egg custard appearing set in the oven, it ran everywhere, the cream melted and the base was soggy where the custard hadn’t cooked. It was a disaster. But it hasn’t deterred me, I enjoy baking even if sometimes it goes wrong.


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