MasterChef – The Final


So, I haven’t written about the final of MasterChef, I’m sorry but it’s because I was having a strop. Not because Shelina won, I loved Shelina’s food, it looked amazing and Greg always made funny noises when he ate it which, let’s face it, is just extra entertainment for free. No, not because Shelina won, but because I accidentally found out that Shelina had won first, a few weeks ago when I was trying to work out how to spell her name, and again when Joanne Wheatley, winner of the Great British Bake-Off, tweeted about it before I’d gotten a chance to watch it.

Granted, I only partially knew that Shelina had already won a few weeks ago, I saw a tiny snippet of a post at the bottom of Google and I tried to ignore and un-see it, and last Thursday I should have stayed in and watched the final rather than going out dressed as a flapper girl in killer heels and twisting my ankle, but I didn’t, and that decision will always haunt me. Well always is probably a slight exaggeration, I’m almost over it now.

But that’s why I have written about MasterChef yet, and to be honest I probably won’t do a full on play-by-play now. I’ve left it way too late, anyone who’s interested has no-doubt already watched it. Just know that Shelina won and it’s because she was fab. Tom and Andrew both cooked good-looking food, don’t get me wrong, but they just hadn’t been as consistent as Shelina and that’s why I think she deserved it.

Shelina’s food has been beautiful for a long time now and Tom and Andrew were often making silly timing or cooking mistakes, mistakes that in the final of MasterChef, you just can’t afford to make.

Now, when does the celebrity series start back up again?


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