Pancake Day – different fillings


I like to make pancake day a big event. I think it’s probably normal to make pancakes for breakfast or have a couple with lemon and sugar to have after dinner but that’s just not enough for me!

My first real job was working in John Lewis and after about a year of pedalling Emma Bridgewater crockery, I asked to move up to The Place to Eat. My favourite job there was working on the crepe bar. Every Saturday I’d get absolutely filthy, covered in batter but it was so much fun. One of the best bits was trying out all the different flavours. Before then I’d only ever had lemon and sugar or Nutella.

So here are my filling ideas to enjoy an actual pancake day!


Make the American style drop pancakes, the really thick small ones. You can stack them up with all sorts of breakfast type food. I like mine with really crispy streaky bacon and a fried egg, but if you don’t want to spend the next week and a half trying to run all the calories off they’re really nice with berries and natural yoghurt.


I’m a huge fan of mushrooms, I never used to be, I thought they were slimy and yuck and disgusting but now they’re one of my favourite things. I like to make a mushroom and spinach filling for my pancakes.

All you need to make it is some chestnut or button mushrooms, baby spinach and cream cheese. Fry off the mushrooms, when they’re done add the spinach until it’s wilted and then stir in the cheese. Pour it on top of the pancake and wrap it up into a ‘V’ shape.

Spinach and Mushroom

If you don’t like mushrooms the same recipe works really well with cherry tomatoes, you could even grate some cheese on the top and stick it under the grill.


If you’re going to have any pancakes, you must have the after dinner pancake treat. Anything sweet goes well with pancakes but if there’s a big group of you, why not have a pancake buffet?! Get different flavoured ice creams and fruits and just experiment. I really love chocolate ice cream with hazelnuts, or peanut butter with chopped up bananas.

I know this sounds extravagant, and believe me, I don’t eat like this everyday, but the whole point of Shrove Tuesday is to clear out the cupboards of all the heavy indulgent food before starting lent. So if you’re going to be giving up chocolate for forty days anyway, don’t fret about reaching for that second, or third, or fourth..!


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