Christmas Biscotti


Being a student, money is always a bit tight around Christmas. It’s nice to give your friends and family presents but not if it’s going to get you evicted or leave you without electricity (I may be exaggerating slightly).

I know my grandparents really enjoy receiving gifts which I’ve made myself so I decided to make them some biscotti. You can add whatever you like to it and it lasts for up to a month so it’s perfect as a present.

I followed the recipe for Christmas Biscotti on the BBC Good Food website but altered it slightly with different nuts and fruits using up what I had left over from the Christmas cake and pudding!

The recipe made loads more that I needed but that was hardly an issue as they were so delicious they were easy to share around. I think my Dad actually said they were the best thing I’d ever baked!

Christmas Biscotti Gift


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