Having been told that shortbread is one of the most challenging things to bake I couldn’t help but try and prove that theory wrong. However, despite the very small ingredient list and simple method, it was very tricky!

My first attempt went disastrously wrong. I made the mistake of rolling the dough out far too thin and ended up with burnt crisps of flavourless biscuit – not nice. I didn’t bother to take a photo for you.

A few days later I tried again with a different recipe. Lorraine Pascale again (my heroine!) Her recipe seemed to make much more dough and she suggested pressing it down into a round tin rather than rolling it out so that potential hazard was gone!

Shortbread: Before baking

I had to keep an eye on it in the oven, as I’ve told you my oven is pretty temperamental so can go from raw to barbecued in a matter of seconds, but when it got golden and yummy looking I took it out and started getting excited!

I left it to cool a little but before it got too cold I sprinkled it with sugar and broke it up into wedges – it’s still soft when it’s warm so it’s best to do this bit before it gets really cool and hard.

It looked delicious and was really buttery and sweet. A great recipe, you can find it here.

Shortbread: well worth the trouble


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