Review: ASDA Chosen By You Scone Mix


I’ve always wanted to bake my own scones but wanted to know what I should expect from the mix consistency and method before I plunged into the deep end. So when I saw a BIY (bake it yourself – my new favourite word) scone mix in the baking aisle of ASDA I couldn’t have been much more excited.

The method was pretty easy. Add milk, stir, roll and cut. Not rocket science but if I’m perfectly honest I had no idea that scones had to be cut. I thought the mix would be like a batter consistency I’d have to pour, not a pastry I could roll. So that was the first lesson learnt.

The second came soon after…

The box didn’t actually say how thick to roll the mixture out so I first did it fairly thin and then realised that I could get about 24 scones out of that so I pulled it all back together and rolled again. It said that I could get between 6-8 scones out of the mix but I got 12 and after I’d finished I realised the error of my ways.

I suppose the main thing to do when you’re making scones is to follow the instructions. Although my scones were delicious and fluffy and amazing they were a bit short! I’d recommend the mix though. It was this one…

ASDA Scone Mix



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