‘They didn’t deliver the pumpkin’ Pie


With nothing left but a ghostly memory of  Halloween I decided that I’d make a Pumpkin Pie with the leftover pumpkins which must be left in the supermarkets feeling sorry for themselves.

I ordered a food shop to be delivered this morning with all the ingredients that I’d need for the pie and was really looking forward to coming home and making it after trying to shake off last nights bread belly in the gym!

Unfortunately, when I received my shopping, I discovered that there were no pumpkins left feeling sorry for themselves, they’d all been hollowed out and turned into spooky, illuminated faces. Blast.

Then, in a stroke of absolute genius I remembered that I had a largish butternut squash in the back of the fridge. I weighed it and amazingly I had just the right amount to make the pie. After a quick call to my mum, just to make sure that a no-pumpkin pie was a good idea, I decided to go ahead with it.

The recipe I used was on the BBC Food website by Antony Worrall Thompson and you can see it here.

So, basically, I just followed the recipe except I used a butternut squash instead of a pumpkin!

My 'They didn't deliver the pumpkin' Pie

Because my pie dish is quite small I had lots of pastry (jus-roll shortcrust pastry is sooooo flaky and buttery) and filling left so I also lined a cupcake tray with baking parchment and made lots of mini ones which my house mate Chloe and I have already tried.

Having never tried a pumpkin pie before, let alone a butternut squash pie, I was ever so slightly sceptical but it’s great. I’ll definitely make one again and, because pumpkins are so difficult to get unless it’s Halloween, it’ll always be known as ‘They didn’t deliver the pumpkin’ Pie!


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