Very Simple First-Time Bread


Despite my many years of baking cakes and biscuits I had never ever even attempted to bake bread, until a few hours ago.

Having watched Baking Made Easy on BBC1 last night I decided that I’d give it a go, Lorraine Pascale made it look really easy so I followed her recipe for the Doris Grant Loaf.

The mixture was easy enough to make, not many ingredients and I did enjoy sticking my hands in to get it all mixed together. Here’s the evidence…

Getting messy with the dough

After I’d mixed it all together I shaped it into a ball and stuck it next to the oven for half an hour to rise. On the Great British Bake Off they have special draws to let the bread rise in but, like Lorraine Pascale, I had a hot oven and a chair!


After the dough looked like it had doubled in size I put in my very temperamental oven for 20 minutes until it looked like this…

My First Bread - finished

In the aftermath of the metaphorical ‘popping’ of my bread baking cherry I can definitely say that it looks impressive. I’m very happy with my first go, I just hope it tastes as nice as it looks and smells.

I’m going to try it with my Nana’s home made plum jam.

My bread with Nana's jam


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